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Southern Advent Christian Association

About Us

The Southern Advent Christian Association is one of five regions of the Advent Christian General Conference. It incorporates 87 churches spread across the southeastern United States in five member conferences.

SACA Regional Officers

Rev. John Gallagher, Interim Regional President

Mrs. Penny Wrigley, Recording Secretary

Rev. John Harper, Treasurer

Mrs. Shanda Snead, Member-At-Large

SACA Conferences:

Eastern North Carolina Conference

Rev. Tom McMahon, President

South Carolina Conference

Rev. John Gallagher, President

Georgia Conference

Rev. Clint Hutcheson, President

Florida Conference

Rev. Phillip Williamson, President

SACA Offices:

1002 Vandora Springs Rd. - Suite 113

Garner, NC 27529

919-773-4999 office

[email protected]